is your answer

      Most would agree that privacy is pretty important, but somehow we've lost that when it comes to our mobile phone. We're being exploited daily by spammers, telemarketers and just nuisance callers. It's time we take back our mobile space and not allow just any and everyone that access.

As the slogan says..'WeAnswer' is YOUR answer.

Say hello to the mobile app that intercepts, filters, and discards unwanted calls all while leaving  you the subscriber undisturbed. That's right, 'WeAnswer' takes your call without ringing your phone. How does this work you ask? 'WeAnswer' has developed three unique ways to filter incoming calls:

1. The app has been developed to recognize SPAM as it comes into your phone. This recognition then allows 'WeAnswer' to intercept those calls leaving you undisturbed.

2. 'WeAnswer' generates the user a unique VoIP phone number. This unique phone number is then used in place of your personal  number when you're in a situation of having to provide that information. If and when your VoIP number is called 'WeAnswer', and those calls are routed to an internal voicemail system leaving the subscriber undisturbed. Here, callers may leave a message to be listened to at your leisure.

3. Subscribers will also have the ability to attach nuisance calls that were coming in prior to their 'WeAnswer' subscription with the *Number Attach feature. 


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